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The Danktet is a stylistically diverse instrumental jazz trio, featuring original compositions ranging from the soulfully poetic to blazing up-tempo acrobatics.

Debut album, One Thing Right 2016

Dane Alderson - Bass

Brian Mesko - Guitar

Forrest Young - Drums

Jonah Kane-West - Organ (track 1)

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Members of Butcher Brown, DJ Williams Projekt, The Big Payback, and Skydog introduce The Rootdowns.  A soulful, funky quartet with an original, organic sound rooted in organ trio soul-jazz of the 60s and 70s, lays down jazz creativity on top of hard grooves.  

Debut album, Songs with Friends 2013

Brian Mesko - Guitar
Brian Mahne - Organ
Dusty Simmons - Drums
Marcus Tenney - Tenor Sax

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