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Guitar. Bass. Drums.


July, 2019

Drummer leads band of nationally known artists on keys, bass, trumpet and guitar playing instrumental jazz fusion.  See press for more info on this album.

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"The call and response between Taylor and Mesko are interactive and brings in the element of the blues. The harmony is based in a vamp setting, but the players enrich the sounds with their juxtaposition of various progressions and harmonic colors over the simple yet meaningful progression. Mesko’s funky rhythm part supports Taylor’s solo. Mesko brings in the elements of blues and fusion with his distorted guitar tone and emotional bends. This band has deep pockets and an exuberance of grooving freely." - The Jazz Word

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March, 2019

Bobby Read's latest album "Our Brief Span of Time".

2019 Cd inspired by the great rock/artrock/pop recordings of the 60's-90's, 11 new vocal songs produced in classic style. Featuring Brian Mesko, Aaron Evans, Tim Tanner, Randy Johnston, Rusty Speidel, Bill Kotapish, and Stuart Gunter.

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January 17, 2019

Brian's guitar work is featured on the newest album by singer/composer Emily Bezar.  The album also features Viktor Krauss, Scott Amendola, Nathan Brown, Andrew Waldeck, and Michael Ross.

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“Bezar is a genre unto herself.” – Exposé Magazine

“Like encountering Kate Bush jamming with King Crimson” – The Wire

“Haunting art-rock. Beautifully synthesizes elements of new music, jazz and pop.” – Downbeat Magazine

“An M.C. Escher in sound. There’s enough importance here to keep the serious, open-eared listener busy for years.” – Stereophile Magazine

“This is mature, intelligent, beautiful music, deserving of a place in the music library of anyone with a mind and a soul.” – Progression Magazine



Robert Jospe's double CD features the trio with ButchTaylor, Dane Alderson and Robert - with the addition of Brian Mesko's guitar work on the entirety of disc 2.

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Jospé has been featured in Jazz Times Magazine and in Modern Drummer Magazine,, and The Savvy Musician.  Jospé was awarded the Artist, Educator of the Year, by the Charlottesville Jazz Society in 2012.


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